Who died in Elite Season 4? – Season 5 Expectations


Who died in Elite Season 4? – Season 5 Expectations

Elite Season 4 had shown up on Netflix in June 2021 and the series also welcomed some new faces. The most recent installment includes a lot of dramatic exciting twists and turns, including a surprise towards the end. Here’s all you need to think about who died in the most recent season of Elite.

Who died on in Elite Season 4?

One of the most burning and important questions that came from season four was who attacked the newbie Ari (role played by Carla Díaz).

She was one of the children of the school’s new head principal – Benjamin (Diego Martín), also she has her enemies.

Towards the end of the season, Ari was attacked by Armando (Andrés Velencoso) after she got some answers about the kind of person he truly was.

She might have been scarcely awake by the end, yet she was alive and she told Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) to follow Armando.

It is Armando who is going to die in the fourth season after Guzman killed him. Ari had collapsed, however, she was taken to the hospital and also makes a recovery, a lot to the delight of fans. Guzmán didn’t enlighten Ari about what all happened to Armando, rather he told to her that he fled.

Moreover, he and some of the different other students had indeed taken his body to the lake to dump it. This implies that Armando will not be coming back for the forthcoming fifth season.

Elite season 4 Info

Some other characters additionally said goodbye this year, including Ander (Arón Piper) and Guzmán. They drove off after Guzmán chose to allow Ari to develop a relationship with Samuel (Itzan Escamilla). There is an opportunity that he could come back if the truth comes out about what has happened to Armando. Fans will likewise be interested to hear if Ari begins doing some digging into what truly went down.

They were all convinced that she would not survive the attack and were amazed to see her making a recovery. Fans have taken to Twitter to share their considerations on the season four plot, with someone saying: “Idc what anybody says. He liked Elite season 4.It doesn’t make any difference if it took Samuel and Guzman 5seconds to fail to remember their first love and start liking Ari. He won’t mind that.

In the meantime, another said that Ari in Season 4 of ELITE is the example of the unlikable new character capturing everyone’s attention in the show as soon as it is arriving on the canvas. #Elite #Elite4 #EliteNetflix.”

A third person added that he is done with watching elite season 4 and simply just hates Ari. The show was renewed for a fifth season in front of season four’s release, and it is in production at this point. Fans would really want to see new episodes by 2022 and they are very excited.

Hopefully, the following series would address what occurs next for Guzmán after he apparently left the series. The following installment will likewise introduce various new faces that added to the drama.

One fan said on Twitter said that he didn’t understand how they finished Elite season 4… Also with questions: Will, there be a season 5? “What will be the future of Benjamin and his children. Will Ari and Samuel have a good relationship? Will the dead body of Armando be found?. Will Omar and Patrick be together? They need all the answers.

Elite season 4 is on now on Netflix.

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