Wentworth Season 9: Will we have it? When is the Release Date?

Wentworth Season 9: Will we have it? When is the Release Date?

Wentworth Season 9 Updates: When we think about the best dramas to watch on Netflix, Wentworth will without fail be in that list. It can easily be considered on of the most popular international TV series that can be streamed on Netflix. The viewers are all very eagerly waiting for the ninth season.

Below are all you need to know regarding Wentworth’s release date:

There are currently 8 seasons of Wentworth. The last, and most recent season, season 8 was added to Netflix in 2020, in the month of September.

Will there be a season 9 for Wentworth?

Yep! The creators decided on making a Wentworth Season 9 for the series before the pandemic had started, and they are yet to release it.  However, this ninth season of the series was also announced to be the last of the series. Much to the disappointment of its global fans, we will not get to witness a season 10.

How many episodes will season 9 have?

Wentworth Season 9

It is a given that the Wentworth series has different episode count for different seasons. So how many will the upcoming one have? The Wentworth Season 9 will have 10 episodes. Not to be a bummer, but you know, these will be the last 10 episodes of the series.

When will season 9 be filmed?

Here is some good news for the desperate fans, the filming was done, and the production wrapped by the end of summer and the start of the fall of 2020 itself. That means, only the publishing of these series is left. But to predict when they will be doing so is the tricky part.

 What is the release date for Wentworth Season 9?

As of now, there is no scheduled release date for the Wentworth Season 9. The thing is the episodes air in Australia before being released on Netflix in the US. Hence, we can only wait for the season to air in the summer so that we can stream it on Netflix after the finale airs.

The problem is that even the premiere date is yet to be announced. We can only hope that it follows the same pattern as the previous season as the eighth season aired from the end of July to September. It is expected that the ninth season also follows the same.

So hopefully it will premier by the end of September 2021 stay tuned for regular updates about the official release dates as well.

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