Using the Best WordPress Plugin Can Help You Make Money


If you are using WordPress and you are not receiving enough traffic to your website, the cause could be that you are not utilizing the many plug-ins that are available. Many of these Plugins are directly related to web search engine optimization. There are many tutorial videos on the Internet that show you how to use WordPress Plugins. Some videos are better than others and some are very hard to understand.

The problem with plugin videos is that most of them are made by programmers who wrote the plugin. If you don’t understand programming language the tutorials can be very difficult to follow. The ideal situation would be finding the video that is very easy to understand and listen to.

The two most important factors when Blogging if you want to make money is to have plenty of traffic and either products to sell or, advertising. Google AdSense is a good way to make money on your blog. Be certain to read the terms of service that Google provides. Many people have made good money with Google advertising only to have their accounts suspended because they violated the terms of service.

WordPress has many plug-ins that can help you make money by Advertising Products on your blog or placing Google ads in your blog. In addition to Google ads, there are plug-ins that you can use to sell Amazon Products on your blog.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to read the instructions and implement them as you read. It is much easier if you have a video tutorial that you can watch and follow along at your own pace. People learn much easier by watching than reading. Every time I install a new WordPress plugin, I create a video that records the entire process. When someone watches my video it is very easy for them to follow along and install the plugin, then the video shows them how to configure the plugin.

I have created over 200 tutorial videos that show you how to use WordPress and many of the WordPress Plugins. If you would like more information on WordPress tutorial videos, you can visit me at my website.


Source by Timothy Spears