Trial against Turkish actress for tweeting ‘military officer’ involved in rape



ISTANBUL (B4U) – A lawsuit has been filed against a well-known actress for tweeting against a Turkish military official facing legal action over allegations that he raped a Kurdish girl. According to media reports, a criminal case was filed against the well-known Turkish actress Izgi Mola in the capital Ankara’s Penal Court for insulting a military official, which was accepted by the court.

The actress is accused of tweeting insulting remarks against Turkish soldier Musa Erhan in August 2020, when he was not released on bail by the courts. Was accused of ‘raping’ for 20 days.

The girl accused of “raping” the soldier had attempted suicide in July 2020, in which she was critically injured and later died in hospital in August 2020.

In a letter written before her death, the Kurdish girl who committed suicide accused Musa Arhan, a military officer, of ‘raping’ her for 20 days. Demonstrations were also held across Turkey and opposition political parties also raised their voices on the issue.

Meanwhile, actress Izgi Mola also tweeted against the released officer and used a hashtag related to his arrest, which was later deleted by the actress. A criminal case has been filed against the actress and if convicted, she could face up to two years and four months in jail.
After the lawsuit was filed against the actress, several showbiz personalities supported her, but a lawsuit was also filed against 16 showbiz personalities who supported her. He also tweeted a thank you, in which he wrote that he was convinced that he was not alone in speaking out against injustice.

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