Top Benefits Of Using Video Marketing As Part Of Your Strategy

If you are trying to advertise your business on the Internet, you may already be thinking of adding videos to that mix. You may be doing great advertising and no one is saying they are not paying, but the fact that you are here tells me that you are probably ready to expand your strategy. The only thing that can stop you is the idea that you need actors to make videos and that it all takes a lot of work.

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In any case, I can fully understand if you do not want to invest in such software before learning at least more about how you can actually benefit by adding a video to your global marketing strategy. Yes, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Below I will give you a list of some of the most important benefits of using video marketing, which will help in the hope that it will help you decide if that is the right investment for your particular business. Let’s get started right away.


  • Grow Your Revenue

  • Each business aims to grow and increase revenue and I am sure they are no different. Yes, statistics show that videos can help in that endeavor and that the profits made by those companies using these tools are growing at a much faster rate than those earned by those companies that said “no” to the video. The best part is, with the right software, you can create these images without much effort and without spending too much money, directly influencing your income increase.

    If you are not sure why this particular method can help you grow your money, let me give you an explanation. People are watching videos more and more, and while they may be bored by reading articles or any other type of written content, they certainly will never be bored with engaging animation. Given that they will take the time to look at the animation you have created, they will be one important step closer to becoming your customers. I think you understand the connection between income and paying customers, so I don’t need to explain that. You can read about many benefits here

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Increase conversions and improve sales

If you do not turn your audience into leaders or marketers, your business will not last long in the market. Modification can ultimately make or break a business. Fortunately, a video is here to help.

Video can help you increase your conversion by 80% when added to the landing page.
64% of customers say they buy a product online after watching a video about it.
Customers have an 84% chance of purchase after watching the product video.


Video Builds Trust

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Trust is the foundation of conversion and sales. But building trust should be a goal in itself. The whole concept of content marketing is based on trusting and building long-term relationships. Stop selling and let people come to you by giving them interesting and useful information. I would not say anything better than Mark Schaefer, CEO of Schaefer Marketing Solutions:

The new era needs to focus on hot stuff, not just content, trust, not just traffic, and high-quality people in your audience who are distributing and promoting your content.

Video does it all. Video content may be sensational and emotional. And when it comes to top-notch audiences, YouTubers have become the most powerful social media platform to promote your product. So, if you are serious about advertising content, you should be committed to video, too.

Promotional videos can also promote trust. Some consumers may still be hesitant to buy products and services online for fear of fraud and cheating. But effective advertising videos showcase your products in a conversational way. That creates a sense of individual approach which is why 57% of consumers say that videos have given them greater confidence in online shopping.


Encourages Social

In the eighth annual Social Media Marketing Report Michael Stelzner said 60% of social marketers used video content by 2015 and 73% of full respondents planned to use it in 2016. And they certainly did.

Social networks also promote video content with their new features. Facebook Launches 3600 Video, Live Video, and Lifestage (A Video-Centric App for Teenagers). Instagram has posted 60-Second videos & Instagram News, Twitter has Periscope. And YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world.

However, in the context of communication, video marketers must remember that people share feelings, not facts. 76% of users said they would share a branded video with their friends if they enjoyed it. So create fun videos to promote community stock. Emotions are not a direct ROI but social shares can increase traffic to your site, and you can remove it from there.

 good for ALL search engines

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Videos for your business will surpass YouTube to have a greater impact on your SEO. Over the past few years, search engines have focused on improving the experience of their users by providing relevant and relevant results. Combine that context with the growing interest in videos and you will understand why search engines now consider videos to be the most important content.

That’s why you’ll see videos embedded with your Google search results (as well as Bing and Yahoo as well). Now, how can you find your company video there? While search engines do not disclose how their algorithms work, we are confident that having videos embedded in your site will help you in that regard. In fact, research says that you have more than 53 chances to get Google’s top results if you have a video on your site.

Products and services shine on videos

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Remember when I said people like video rather than text when they learn about the company? Here’s another principle you might like to help with: 98% of Internet users say they watch a descriptive video to learn more about a product or service. 98%! That’s the total number of crazy people who enthusiastically say ‘show me your videos!

But why did that happen? I don’t mean to brag, but we here at Yum Yum videos have the answer. It’s very simple, actually: videos (especially animated videos) are ready to show ideas that are hard to understand. They can show how a product or service works in less than a few minutes, can be enriched with graphs and characters of all kinds, and can all be easily repeated over and over again.

Combine that straightforward and simple environment with the fact that the brain processes videos quickly and you will see why products and services really shine in videos.

Live video is increasingly popular

Live streaming via Facebook and Instagram Live has been used by businessmen and celebrities alike. Exactly what is being said: videos are recorded live. If you can make a good live recording, there are plenty of rewards.

One of the great benefits of live video marketing is encouraging people to participate and write ideas. This collaboration engages people. On Facebook Live, the recorded person (s) can see the comments and respond.

Similarly, Instagram has introduced IGTV, where it can upload videos for long hours, rather than using time-limited news. With more and more people consuming video content on the go, watching their phones in a ‘vertical’ position, IGTV is a great way to discover this ever-growing trend.