To Audit Your Website Content

Aren’t you receiving the traffic you were expecting for your website? Do you see a downward trend in traffic, leads, and sales recently? If yes, then your website might need some maintenance and auditing. Website auditing doesn’t only focus on your website’s aesthetic design but also on the functionality of features to bring out the best benefits for your business and your visitors. Website content must be regularly audited to ensure it’s always running as it should be. Learn more about the reasons why you should audit your website content by reading what’s below.

1. Website Maintenance and Redesign

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Auditing your website is crucial in web maintenance and redesign, which involves updates and content migration. When redesigning your website, it’s crucial to remove what you don’t need through content migration. There might be content that’s damaging to your business reputation and user experience. Here is a great and informative post about some tips to attain a successful content migration.

Check the following important aspects of website maintenance and redesign:

  • Sorting outdated, trivial, and redundant content
  • Remove and archive unwanted content
  • Improve the tone and voice of your existing content to align with your audience

2. Benefit from Digital Transformation

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If you want your eCommerce or brick-and-mortar business to benefit from digital transformation, it has to start with your website and its content. Auditing your web content can help you improve your site ranking on search engines for higher online visibility through search engine optimization (SEO). Also, you can determine the innovative and trending solutions you can implement in your website to stand out from the competition.

Other digital transformation solutions to revamp your website performance and impact includes the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI isn’t new but more improved recently because of its tremendous demand and use in website development. With AI chatbot software applications for websites, one can easily make chatbots by using a chatbot builder. For instance, the chatbot helps marketers automate interacting with leads via their websites and social media.
  • Virtual Reality: It’s now possible to experience VR in your web browser. VR website specification aims to make it easier for people to get into VR experiences when engaging with your website regardless of their device. With VR, your audience experiences a complete immersion, shutting out the physical world and entering a digital world.
  • Augmented Reality: Like VR, AR experience is now possible through web browsers. While virtual reality replaces the vision, augmented reality adds elements to it or a virtual layer to reality.

3. Increase Traffic and Generate More Leads

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As you audit your website, you might determine specific problems, prompting you to consider a website redesign. There are different reasons why you need to redesign your website. You might notice shoppers increasingly abandoning their shopping carts on your online store or e-commerce site. Even your bounce rate (number of visitors exiting your website) is higher on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than desktops.

Here’s how rebranding your website can increase your traffic and generate more leads:

  • Address Design Inconsistencies: If your website has grown big in recent years, it’s high to review and carry out brand guidelines to attain a cohesive design. A cohesive web design includes deciding on the appropriate font, color palette, iconography, button styles, and web content structure.
  • Create A Blog Strategy: A great way to increase your traffic and leads is to make blogging an essential aspect of your content strategy. Develop your blog strategy through keyword research to check the specific words or phrases people enter in search engine queries. By doing so, you can include them in your web content titles, subheadings, body, meta descriptions, and browser URLs. You can migrate your website to a content management system (CMS) with more advanced features such as built-in SEO tools to optimize your content.
  • Changes Wrong Impression: First impressions last, but you can amend a wrong impression by rebranding your website. You can hire a digital marketing company with web design expertise to help you redesign your website and your web content.

4. Develop A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

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Every website owner should develop a solid content marketing strategy to align with business goals.

Auditing your website content to develop a great marketing strategy should consider the following key metrics:

  • Click-Through Rate: This metric determines how engaged your audience is, measuring the number of people who clicked your website. Does your CTR get higher? Or does it decline at the end of your content marketing campaign? Answering these questions also impacts the engagement rate.
  • Subscription Rate: The subscription rate refers to the number of people who signed up to receive updates. When more online users sign up for your newsletter, it means that your content draws them. They find your website a helpful resource that they can always go back to every time they need answers.
  • Conversion Rate: This metric pertains to the number of online users who have bought your product or service based on your web content effectiveness. When more people show their willingness to avail of your products and services, it means that your content marketing strategy is effective because they see themselves through it or the relevance of using your brand.
  • Share Volume: A great web content encourages sharing, such as likes and site views. A high share volume means that your message resonates with your audience, and they’re willing to share it with their family and friends.
  • Traffic: This metric pertains to the number of people visiting your website is also an important indicator of your content marketing strategy. Captivating content drives organic or unpaid traffic, making online users keep coming back to find out more about what you have to publish and offer.