Tips for Making A Professional Website 2021


Having a website for your business these days is of extreme importance. You increase your online presence and make it easier to advertise yourself in the online world. Some research has shown that as many as 90% of the potential customers will not engage with you if you don’t own a website. 

With that being said, we wanted to mention a few tips which will make your website look far more professional and increase the chances of you being found and hired. However, if you want your website to really stand out, but you are not sure you can do it all by yourself, you can always seek help from a trusted New York web design agency, and get some valuable tips.

Without any further ado, let’s check the details.

Easy-To-Read Content

We’ll start with a basic feature that you should always keep in mind. Creating content that is easy to read will allow your potential customers to scan and navigate through your website with ease and find what they are looking for without any difficulties. After all, the idea of a professional website is to make sure that customers find what they need fast and easy. 

Some of the key rules that you need to keep in mind when trying to increase the readability of your site are the contrast between text colour and background colour, the font, and large letter size. You must also make sure that you utilize text themes. 

SSL Certificate

Next up, one of the biggest disadvantages that came with the rise of the Internet is online scams. So, you must reassure your clients that they are safe when browsing. SSL certificates are the best way to protect your site and keep all clients safe. 

This security system is an AI technology that turns all data into unbreakable codes. Online sportsbooks are among the sites that utilize this technology and they have managed to keep their players safe at all times. One of the most reputable sportsbooks on the market –  has the latest 128-bit SSL encryption software on the market which is why the site has never been hacked. 

An SSL certificate will also increase the rank of your site and thus, it may appear higher on the Google search results, so that yet another benefit.

Simple Layout and Navigation 

While talking about readability, we mentioned that you want to make sure that customers find what they need with ease. That doesn’t just involve easy-to-read content, simple layout and navigation also play a massive role. 

Make sure you don’t fill your home page with tons of details. Not only will that lower the load speed, but it will also confuse the clients. Make it simple for them to find the tabs that they need. Those would include services, contact, prices, FAQ, About Us page, etc. Remember, people of all age and skill will access your site and you must make sure that you make it easy for them to handle the information.

Mobile Optimization

Finally, one of the most important features of a website these days is mobile optimization which is achieved by using HTML5. Research shows that by 2025, over 72% of people will only use their smartphones to browse the Internet. Even now, many people primarily resort to their mobile devices. 

Similar to the SSL certificate, a mobile-friendly website will also increase the rank of your platform and thus, your chances of appearing at the top of the search results page. 


The more attention you have to details, the more likely you are to have a professional website. Not only will the tips above make you look better in the eyes of the public, but they will also optimize your site and increase its rank, which is a massive feature. 

Of course, there are some web design trends that you might want to take into consideration, with dark mode being one of them, but these general guidelines are the ones that you should follow. 

If you want to increase your online presence and reach a wider audience, you can also consider using digital marketing.

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