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Some of the most popular and innocent children’s games in the 1970’s and 1980’s South Korea (played in the alleys) get reinvented (modern day) as a mysterious survival game with a 45.6 billion won cash prize for the winner. There’s a catch however: losers must pay… with their lives! As a group of 456 financially desperate people voluntarily risk their lives for the penultimate prize by participating in six twisted games Squid Game, in the words of writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk, is a dark and macabre take on ‘modern capitalism’ that depicts extreme competition while still being able to incorporate emotional, dramatic & theatrical aspect to the tale. Magnificently portrayed by Lee Jung Jae, the ‘just-fired-from-job’ lead protagonist alongwith the compelling characters sets the screen ablaze with commendable acting backed up by a gripping plot, stunning camerawork with flawless (art) direction (the sets are breathtakingly surreal so much so that the actors could not stop clicking photos on-set and according to some it was like being in a ‘fantasy world..well beyond their expectation & imagination’) accompanied by a remarkable screenplay. An air of foreboding and enigma prevails since the very first game Red Light, Green Light (took Hwang nearly six months to write merely the first two episodes), this edge-of-the-seat binge worthy thriller is on its way to becoming the biggest non-English show on Netflix or perhaps ‘our biggest show ever’, says co-CEO Netflix, Ted Sarandos. Drama Series of the Year, folks!!! And brace yourselves for a major plot twist towards the end !

it’s been only a few days since I finished squid game and I honestly feel like watching it all over again. one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. It’s the perfect amount of suspense needed. I found out about this show from school mostly because EVERYONE was talking about it. and I’m happy that i didn’t delay watching this otherwise i would have regretted when i later on did. it has so much emotion, y’all wouldn’t believe how much i cried, episode 6, 8, 9 HAD ME😭! and it only has 9 episodes, once you start, you can’t stop, so a little tip is to resist watching until you find time where you have 8-9 hours to binge Squid Game in one-sitting! and the BIG
PLOT-TWIST AT THE END OML HAD ME SCREAMING (even though someone had spoiled it for me so i technically knew it already) the amount of theories people have made videos on are so BOMBBBBSJKSJKSJ especially the Gi Hun being The Old Man’s son theoryyy!!

First of all, the story was very interesting. I appreciate the work of the writer-director for his hard work. He deserves all the popularity.All the actors did an excellent job
The sets were mesmerizing. I was actually shocked to know that not much CG was used.
This drama was very cleverly directed because this is an amazing way to spread the Korean culture, now everyone who has watched squid game would know the traditional Korean games played by kids. A smart idea for spreading the hallyu wave across the world.
This drama keeps you hooked all the way from the first episode to the last. Usually in Kdramas, the first episode would only have introductions but this drama kept me interested even in the first episode.
The tasks given were all so smartly planned!!
That grandpa was just so clever!!!
It broke me to see Ali and Saebyeok dying ㅠㅠ
Am already waiting for season 2, i have so many unanswered questions

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