Spotify Premium BIN 2021 | Spotify Premium BIN all Working

  • Download and connect to a strong VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. VPN Should be connected to the server indicated on the BIN information(e.g IP: USA)
  • Launch your web browser, copy BIN code and generate CC using
  • Next, copy the generated CC and sort out the Live ones using
  • Copy LIve CC and it’s information(Expiring date and CVV)
  • Next, visit the Spotify website and Sign up for a new account.
  • Use the generated CC as payment method.


BIN: 4147342060xxxxxx

BIN: 5406265378xxxxxx

BIN: 512150xxxxxxxxxx

Bonus CC/User data

  • 📆FECHA : 05/22
  • 🔐 CCV : GNR
  • 🌎IP : USA 🇺🇸
  • ✉️ ZIP: 10010

💳|》BIN: 537023
💠 |》CVV: GEN