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what is bin?

The term bank identification number (BIN) refers to the initial set of four to six numbers that appear on a payment card. This set of numbers identifies the institution that issues the card and is key in the process of matching transactions to the issuer of the charge card.




How does a BIN work?

A BIN works to complete the first step in the payment process: authorization. The BIN identifies which issuer, typically a bank or credit card company, should receive the request for authorization to determine if the account or card is valid and whether the amount of the purchase is within available limits on the card

What makes up a BIN?

What is a Bank Identification Number (BIN)? … Every credit or debit card contains a BIN, typically the first four to six numbers on a bank-issued card. These numbers easily identify the type of card being used, the geographic location of the card issuer and which bank or company issued the card.

BIN: 40604206xxxxxxxx
ZC: 10004
VPN: HMA or any


Does the bank refund stolen money?
Banks are typically obligated to refund money so long as the customer follows fraud reporting procedures. In most cases, banks must refund the money as long as the customer follows fraud reporting procedures. ..