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If you’ve been reading my emails over the last few days and you’re curious about the Smoothie Diet, you should know that this is your LAST CHANCE to get the $10 off sale.

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The reason I’m such a big advocate for the Smoothie Diet is because of the absolutely phenomenal results that Drew’s clients have had – all with nutritious, easy to make, delicious and affordable smoothies.

I talked to one woman (Abbie) who found The Smoothie Diet in a magazine and was extremely skeptical to start.

She’d already spent literally thousands of dollars on other weight loss programs, and while she had lost weight, she had ultimately gained it all back (plus 18 lbs.)

But she was desperate. Her son had just asked her why she never played baseball with him while the other moms practiced with their sons. She couldn’t tell him that she wasn’t as healthy as the other moms. She downloaded The Smoothie Diet immediately afterward.

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With each day that passed, Abbie tried (and loved) the smoothies. She started to see real results after the first few days – results like her clothes fitting better, having more energy, sleeping more soundly, and dropping the first couple of pounds.

After the 21 days were over, Abbie had lost 16 lbs!

She loved that it was easy to incorporate into her busy life and allowed her to keep living her life without feeling exhausted or hungry. And after the first week, her sugar and junk food cravings were gone, which made it way easier to avoid the drive-thru after picking her sons up from school.

Abbie isn’t the only one who saw REAL results.

Danielle lost 8 lbs in her FIRST WEEK on the Smoothie Diet.

Sarah called it “The perfect “Mommy Makeover,” and said it was an excellent complement to her busy, chaotic life.

Jade kicked her love handles to the curb and finally lost the last 12 lbs she’d been holding onto for years!

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Angela said she was finally able to keep up with her grown children and is planning a trip to go hiking with them in the Redwoods next spring.

These are real stories from normal people – people with jobs and families and budgets.

If you’re serious about your health (and I know you are) this is a no-brainer.

The Smoothie Diet is convenient, effective, affordable, science-backed, safe, sustainable, and delicious.

Plus, it’s on sale and comes with a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

It’s foolproof.

Take me to the Smoothie Diet now.

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And unlike other diets that basically leave you high and dry after losing the weight, The Smoothie Diet teaches you a step-by-step process to ease off the diet and keep losing weight when it’s over (as well as how to keep it off for life).

Imagine, being able to slip into that pair of jeans that’s been hanging at the back of your closet since you came home with your first child.

Imagine walking into a store and being able to choose something off the rack, rather than waiting to order online.

Imagine how much that new sense of confidence will impact your relationships and your sex life!

No more being out of breath walking up one flight of stairs.

No more diet pills, excruciating exercise plans, or crazy fad diets (I’m looking at you, celery).

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No more disappointment over weight loss plans that promise big results and leave you regretting spending the money.

Just easy weight loss with a convenient plan and smoothies you’ll actually crave.

And a roadmap to keep the weight off FOR LIFE.

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