SEASON 20 LAST UPDATE pubg esp file

 Working perfectly In Global Version.
✔️For Rooted Devices.
✔️Use Without Host.
✔️No 10 Min Ban.
✔️No 10 Year Ban.
✔️No Time Zone Trick.
✔️Semi Brutal Supported.
✔️Auto Log Cleaner Every 5 Second
✔️Auto Game Launch
✔️No Need Minimize Game
✔️Auto Orignal Libs Moving


👉First Remove Your Host / Module Then use.
👉If You Are Pushing Rank Then Play Safe.
👉Dont Use Sit scope & Brutal In Main account.
👉Test On Low Tier First.
👉 Don’t Clear Mt manager From Recent while Playing game
👉When you don’t want to play than Simply Close pubg from Recent and Go to Mt manager and you can see your Original libs automatically restored.