Pubg Mobile No Recoil Latest update 1.5 | No Recoil 1.5.0



Pubg Mobile No Recoil Latest update 1.5 | No Recoil 1.5.0

Is it safe to Download and use BGMI 90 FPS file?

No, neither downloading nor using BGMI 90 FPS file is safe. If you still want to download it then go ahead with your own risk because if you use the Config file, there are chances that you will get banned by Krafton.

It is not us that telling you this, Krafton has clearly mentioned multiple reasons on its official site that could result in a permanent ban.

Here are all reasons that could get you banned by Krafton:

  • Use any cheating tools in the game.
  • Using any unauthorized 3rd-party program to log into the game that results in changing the client file data;
  • Any changes of client file data illegally, for example: Remove the grass or change the grass models in-game;
  • Use an unofficial game client to play the game.
  • Fraudulent players in the game or promote illegal information or websites may cause players to lose their accounts or lose money.
  • Team games with cheating teammates multiple times.
  • Use any unauthorized payment channel to recharge UC.
  • Team up with players on another team.

Using the BGMI 90 FPS Config file comes into the category of making changes to the client file data illegally. Using this file violates the rules laid down by Krafton.

If you go against their policy and tweak the game’s file, the BGMI anti-cheating system will detect the modified file and ban your BGMI account permanently. Instead of using any illegal files to make changes, I strictly advise you to enjoy the game at 60 FPS until they officially add 90 FPS in the game.

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