Pubg Mobile BGMI new UPDATE 2021 Welcome to Krafton ID


Registering for your Krafton ID grants you access to information about Krafton games as well as an added benefit of security for your game identity. We are currently developing perks, giveaways and more exclusively for Krafton ID account holders. If you’re anything like PURRBG Cats reward hunter Lulu, you’ll want to have your. account up and running ASAP!


  1. What is Krafton ID?
    • Krafton ID is an integrated account system shared by games Krafton Inc. publishes. As of now, PUBG is the only game that uses Krafton ID, but there are existing and new games with a plan to use Krafton ID in the future.
    • Krafton ID will live in, a brand new website that will provide all accounts-related services for Krafton game players.
    • Players can link various game platforms and online services with their Krafton ID to enjoy promotional partnerships and drops.
    • Krafton ID will be used to power security features that better protect player’s valuable private information.
  2. What difference does this change make?
    • The purpose of this rebranding is to provide a place where any Krafton game user can come for account and security services to play the games.
    • This change will also unlock opportunities for Krafton to devise and provide creative promotional programs and perks to enrich player experiences for existing and future Krafton games.
    • Krafton ID will evolve to be a critical piece of our service including cross-game features that allow Krafton to provide a more versatile and flexible player experience.



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