Product Ideas to Use in Your Dropshipping Business

Working as a middleman means not having to invest that much money in the products themselves. You can use available resources for advertising.

With that said, coming up with a product idea is a common problem for aspiring dropshippers. If you have been spending more time thinking of what to dropship, then the suggestions in this article should help you decide faster and start the business.

Custom T-Shirts

Image of tshirts

It is not that difficult to make custom all-over print t-shirts and dropship them thanks to available reliable suppliers. Keep in mind, though, that you will struggle to sell t-shirts or other custom merchandise if the products lack quality. You will also need to emphasize unique designs. For that, hiring a professional graphic designer could be the solution.

You could turn the dropshipping business into a joint venture by having a partner. If someone takes care of the designing side of the project, you can focus on promoting the store.

Handmade Accessories

Image of jewelry

Roughly 69% of Americans shopped online in 2018, and the percentage increased even more, particularly with the ongoing pandemic. Accessories like jewelry are one of the most popular items to purchase online. However, for someone with little experience in dropshipping, targeting this niche could prove difficult.

On the other hand, if you would like to try selling accessories, go with handmade crafts. There should be less competition if you target a narrow niche and work with artists who produce unique accessories.

Look for potential business partners on social media and tell them that you would like to collaborate. Working with a few artists ought to be enough to have a constant supply of jewelry and other handmade accessories you can sell.

Smart Home Appliances

Image of appliances

A smart home is no longer a gimmick one sees in science fiction. No, people can improve their lives by getting smart security cameras, thermostats, comprehensive ecosystems like Alexa and Google Assistant, or smart refrigerators. And these are just a few examples.

Smart home appliances are in demand, and the market will likely grow in the future. The popularity of the niche makes it competitive, but you could focus on targeting the most recent devices and be one of the first to promote them.


Image of drone

Besides average drone enthusiasts who like to fly their toy for fun, you also have competitive drone racing as well as professional photographers or filmmakers who use drones to take pictures or videos. Drones are also becoming popular among sports teams.

For example, football coaches use drones to film training sessions to find weaknesses because the view one gets from above is more revealing than you can expect. In other words, drones are quite popular, and promoting these devices in your dropshipping business is worth considering.

Pet Products

Image of pet food

Pet products are another popular product that you could consider dropshipping. People love their pets, and they spend money to improve the lives of their companions. Similar to some other niches, this one is also a bit difficult getting into because of how many different products there are. At the same time, the product variety can be a big plus since you can spend time researching the market and finding a particular niche that does not have that much competition.

For example, instead of targeting pet food, why not try your luck with natural dog food? It may have fewer results on search engines, but that means having an easier time optimizing your dropshipping site and attracting organic traffic.

Beauty Products

Image of makeup

The beauty industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, it is not surprising to see so many entrepreneurs working in this niche. The growth of social media incentivizes people to look their best. Besides, thanks to e-commerce, one can order various beauty products online and have them delivered to their home.

Considering how much the beauty industry has to offer, it would not be a bad idea to dip your feet here and start a dropshipping venture. Again, as there are so many different products to choose from, you will have the freedom to research the market and pick a product that is not too difficult to sell.