Pakistan calls for deployment of international protection force in Gaza


New York (Blogger4zero) Pakistan has demanded to deploy the International Protection Force in Gaza, if the security council does not agree to the protection force, then the civilian observer should be deployed for monitoring, the Security Council Feel, General Assembly responsible Time to stop the time, the time of Israelis is stopped. Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, saying that it is terrorist in Palestinians.

This war is among the latest illegal occupation Israel and Palestinians, on one hand, the latest occupy army and the other side are Palestinians. Today we will be part of human sympathy or not a part of history. Israel is the light of Israeli blasts, Israel has been extremism on innocent Palestinians, due to Israeli horror, dozens of Palestinians are killed and hundreds of injured ..

The number of people exceeded 50,000, the Security Council is responsible for the General Assembly, the General Assembly is responsible for the first priority. Our first priority is to stop Israeli aggression. It has come to take immediate measures to stop Israel’s protest. We have international protection in Gaza The force should be deployed, if the security council does not agree to deploy protection force, then the civilian observer should be deployed to monitor at least the situation.

The voice of the Palestinians can not be silent, water in Gaza has become food shortage, emergency should be administered relief items. He said that the Israeli war crimes should not be able to calculate accountability. The occupied Palestinians demand the immediate evacuation of the Israeli army. Pakistan issue supports the peaceful solution of Palestinians.
The problem should be immediately implemented by the Palestinian Security Council resolutions. On this occasion, Turkey’s Minister of State addressing the General Assembly, saying that the Palestinian people condemnly condemned Israeli.

Israeli aggression on Aqsa mosque is less condemned. Israel is breeding the Palestinians. Israeli infection should be closed on the Palestinians of the Mouse.

Israeli occupation should also end up on Palestinian areas with quick-sleeved fire. UN and related global generous Israeli protest and play role in occupation. Similarly, Palestinians, Riaz al-Maliki, addressing the General Assembly, saying that Israel has extremist extremism on Palestinians. Innocent and non-Palestinians are being targeted.

In Masjida Naughty prayers were invented. Israeli corruption on Palestine should be immediately terminated. Palestine is committing all international laws and agreements. Israel is not asking for forgiveness from the world on its worldly crime. The Israeli aggression and occupation crosses all the limits. In the meeting of the General Assembly, the United Nations has also demanded the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, the Secretary General Antonio Guttee said that we ensure the protection of urban population Should make.

Our demand is to be quick war in Gaza. Citizens and especially children in Gaza are worried. Gaza’s children are paying Indian prices. Avoid targeting urban populations. He said that the ongoing stress in Palestine will immediately stop. Both sides should be safer. Israel and Palestine can not be ignored. Secretary General, the United Nations said that more than 200 Palestinians are killed in Gaza. Many hospitals were destroyed by Israeli bombings. Thousands of Palestinians are unaware. 9 people of the same family were killed by the attack on the refugee camp. He said that it is concerned about destroying the media building in Gaza.