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EDR function hook dumping

Please refer to the Zeroperil blog post for more information zeroperil.co.uk/hookdump/

Building source

  • In order to build this you will need Visual Studio 2019 (community edition is fine) and CMake. The batch file Configure.bat will create two build directories with Visual Studio solutions.
  • The project may build with MinGW with the correct CMake command line, this is untested YMMV.
  • There is a dependency on zydis disassembler, so be sure to update the sub-modules in git before configuring the project.
  • There is a 32bit and 64bit project, you may find that EDR’s hook different functions in 32/64 bit so building and running both executables may provide more complete results


  • Some EDRs replace the WOW stub in the TEB structure (specifically Wow32Reserved) in order to hook system calls for 32 bit binaries. In this case you may see zero hooks since no jump instructions are present in NTDLL. Most likley you will see hooks in the x64 version as the syscall instruction is used for system calls instead of a WOW stub
  • We have noted that Windows Defender does not use any user mode hooks
  • This tool is designed to be run as a standard user, elevation is not required

Hook Types Detected


A jump instruction has been patched into the function to redirect execution flow


Detection of the WOW64 syscall stub being hooked, which allows filtering of all system calls


The address in the export address table does not match the address in the export address table in the copy on disc


GetProcAddress hook, an experimental feature, this is only output in verbose mode, when the result of GetProcAddress does not match the manually resolved function address. YYMV with this and some care should be taken to verify the results.


The only way to truly verify the correct working of the program is to check in a debugger if hooks are present. If you are getting a zero hooks result and are expecting to see something different, then first verify this in a debugger and please get in touch.


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