Endless Dungeon Premieres New Trailer- Daily Research Plot


Endless Dungeon Premieres New Trailer- Daily Research Plot

Endless Dungeon Updates: Amplitude, the developer of Endless Space, has released a new game trailer for its roguelike Endless Dungeon. Amplitude was founded in 2011 by former Ubisoft employees and is known for its turn-based sci-fi 4x strategy game Endless Space. In 2016, the studio developed Humankind, another turn-based strategy game where players can rewrite human history.

Endless Dungeon is a tactical cooperative rogue-like game with an endless universe as the background, in which a group of heroes must fight against groups of enemies on the space station.

Find an escape route. Another part of Endless Dungeon is a mystery about people trapped in the station for decades. Players will find the answer for each race, just like Hades.

The game is the first spiritual successor to Amplitude 1st Roguelike, Dungeon of the Endless. Many game features in Endless Dungeon are inspired by Dungeon of the Endless, such as tower defense games with towers and crystal defenses.

Endless Dungeon Trailer

The new trailer was played during the Summer Game Fest live broadcast, then later again on Endless Universe’s YouTube channel, with a focus on cooperative games.

Endless Dungeon
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The narrator stated that failure to adapt to the environment or attempting to do so would only lead to death. On their Steam page, players can control three selected heroes in a single-player or one hero in cooperation. Players must manage all three separately, using different unit combinations according to the chosen character.

It is important because different enemies will react to different types of damage. Turret position is often a tower-defense game style, and it is necessary to decide which crystal the player must defend. Failing to guard the crystal automatically ends the current game.

Amplitude uses Games2Gether, a community platform that allows anyone to influence game development. In this case, the community can vote on the team’s name and bonus skin displayed in the announcement when pre-ordering the game.

Voted for the direction of the community-driven story, and each final chapter is voted on by the public. The community also voted on the names of characters in the game. Humankind has similar choices for the types of modules available at the time of release.

With the mixing of genres, seems to represent a new perspective on the roguelike formula. The decision to improve the Dungeon of the Endless can be reflected in the ever-growing genre. We hope, it can achieve the same success as others roguelike genre blends have found in recent years.

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