Elite Season 4 Character Guide: Who Is Joining?


Elite Season 4 Character Guide: Who Is Joining?

Elite Season 4 Updates: Elite, a Netflix drama series set in Spain, will premiere its fourth season on June 18. Following the events of Elite season 3, which saw some of the students reach their last semester at Las Encinas, certain players will not return for Elite season 4.

The death of Marina and the turmoil that ensued captivated audiences all over the world as soon as the blockbuster Spanish series premiered in 2018. Since then, the program has been riddled with controversies, and season 3 looks to be bringing everything to a climax with the reveal of who murdered Polo.

According to some reports, players that won’t be returning are Nadia (Mina El Hammani), Lucrecia (Danna Paola), Ester Expósito (Carla Rosón), Jorge López (Valerio Rojas) and Leopoldo Villada (Alvaro Rico) as he died in Elite Season 3.

Even though there are characters leaving, some will be also be returning in Season 4. Samuel Domínguez (Itzan Escamilla) will be returning to Las Encinas for his final year. Guzmán Osuna (Miguel Bernardeau), Omar Shanaa (Omar Ayuso) and more.

Elite Season 4 New Characters

Elite Season 4
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The new characters are going to be Patrick played by Manu Rios as a new student. Phillippe played by Pol Granch, Ari played by Carla Díaz and Mencia played by Matina Cariddi.

Because Elite season 4 will include a mostly new cast, we are not sure what the narrative will be just yet. Given that Guzmán, Samuel, Rebeca, Ander, and Omar are all already at Las Encinas at the end of season 3, we expect season 4 to focus on what unfolds when they meet a new group of pupils.

Netflix came to Twitter in May 2020 to formally reveal season 4 with a video including the remaining cast members. Furthermore, Netflix announced in February 2021: “Elite lovers, get ready for more since the show has indeed been extended for a fifth season!” To put it another way, there will be plenty more Elite in the coming.

Netflix usually releases new seasons of programs once a year, so we might see Elite season 5 as early as June 2022, if not sooner, given that the season 5 cast has already been confirmed.

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