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Bluetooth Pair -  Bluetooth Fi
Bluetooth Pair -  Bluetooth Fi
Bluetooth device finder help to find Wireless headphones, ‘earbuds’, ‘speakers’, Bluetooth wearable, Bluetooth phone – track down any kind of device. You can freely toss your headphones anywhere you like because the Bluetooth headset locator will make sure you find them the next time you need them. This Bluetooth device finder app works with headphones from brands like Beats, Bose, Jabra, Jaybird, JBL, and many others.
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App Main Features:

– Bluetooth Finder & Scanner can be used to search in two different categories:
1.Classic Device.
2.BLE Device (Low Energy Device).
– Get all information of available scan device before connecting to a particular device.
– The information that you get of Bluetooth device are like Device Name, Device MAC Address, Major Class and current RSSI information.
– Check if the Bluetooth connection is secure or not.
– In Find My device option get all nearby available Bluetooth devices with details of device location range & MAC address.
– Find My Device from particular paired or unpaired device displays information like Signal Strength and Device Distance in meter from your device.
– Connect to paired devices quickly without going through the whole process.
– Locate and find your Bluetooth devices using the received signal strength indication(RSSI).

Bluetooth Pair -  Bluetooth Fi
Bluetooth Pair -  Bluetooth Fi


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