Best Famous Potato Chips Brands in USA 2021


One of the easiest foods on earth is potato chips. These small pieces of potatoes cooked in cold and flavorful feel a godsend (excuse the exaggeration). The taste lies in its simplicity in terms of recipes and ingredients.

Currently, there are hundreds of potato products on the US market. So, we decided to look at some of the best potato products out there. This is by no means a complete list and is not ordered in any way. Just choose something you have never tried, and buy your wallet. Enjoy !!

Here is a list of Potato Chips Brands in the USA:


Lay speakers
Let’s start with a list of the well-known potato product Viz. Lay ’. The company started about ninety years ago when retailer Herman Kay opened a light food business. This would be the beginning of what we now know as the sign of Lay.

Herman Kay went on to buy a potato company in Atlanta, Georgia and began producing potato chips which he sold on the trunk of his car. After purchasing television commercials with Bert Lahr as a celebrity spokesman Lay’s became the first food-producing company to do just that.

In the 60s the company merged with Derrick Lothert’s company Frito and thus came the famous brand “Frito-Lay”. The company sells chips almost everywhere in the world. This access to its products is apparently due to its parent company currently PepsiCo. Other popular Lay’s flavors in the US are Salt and Vinegar, Chile Limon, Southern Heat Barbecue, Flamin Hot etc.


Pringles chips
One of the most famous names in the potato chips industry after Lay’s mentioned above is Pringles. The product is famous not only in the US but also around the world. This is evidenced by their widespread reach as they bring to 140 countries around the world.

The product was manufactured in 1967 by Proctor & Gamble who named the product Pringles Newfangled Potato Chips. Currently, this product belongs to Kellogg’s which you purchased in 2012. The company has an interesting history mainly due to the nature of the chips.

The company wanted to make a change in the potato industry due to various complaints from customers regarding broken oil chips and cracks in bags that are too full of air. Then came the saddle-shaped placards in the corner of the icon.

Pringles chips have many flavors and vary from country to country as well. Some of their best flavors are sour cream and onions, Jalapeño, Honey Mustard, BBQ etc.

Red Rock Deli:

Chips at Red Rock Deli
Next on the list is the Australian brand Red Rock Deli which churns out sweet potato chips with a perfect balance of salt and nutrients. The company has been very successful in the country of origin which is why PepsiCo, the company that owns Frito-Lay one of the largest light food production companies, decided to bring it to American customers.

These chips are made from high-quality mashed potatoes and cooked with sunflower oil that add a distinct flavor to the chips. The company has decided to keep the chips healthy by not using artificial flavors or coloring agents. Chips contain only non-GMO ingredients.

If you have never tried this product you need it. Chips have three types of flavors namely Red Curry and Coconut, Himalayan Pink, Salt and Lime and cracked Pepper each with its own combination and unique taste.


Kettle kettles
Cameron Healy founded a company called N.S. Khalsa Company in 1978. This later became Kettle Food Inc. now known The company team was passionate about combining natural ingredients with nutritious flavors and making something healthy and delicious that everyone loves.

They used an old tin as their delivery truck to bring food products to the market and to customers. In 1982, they were able to produce and sell their first variety of potato chips. The chips were delicious which encouraged the team to work hard and make it into something they did using natural and fresh high-quality ingredients that added great flavor.

Apart from the US the company also exports to various countries such as the UK, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and many more. The classic watery potato chips flavor is excellent with moderate salt. It doesn’t feel too oily either. You can also try other delicious flavors like Sea Salt and vinegar, Pepperoncini, Jalapeno etc.


Herrs chips
Here are Potato Chips another delicious way of potato chips. The company has been in existence for over seventy years and has come to maintain the same quality of products as it was intended by founder James Herr. The L Here family’s main business was raising chickens.

But James Here decided to go the other way and start his own company. In 1946, he bought a small potato company in Lancaster and began producing delicious potato chips. Over the years he improved this process and made healthy and delicious potato chips begin to roar.

The company changed from time to time and introduced attractive chips in 1958 and changed to packaging in the 70s. Good development came in the mid-70s and 80s when the snack industry grew rapidly. The Herrs Food Company has started adding some snacks and products to its product list.

Herrs potato chips are delicious and the original taste is very tasty. When you pair them with dips or sauce of your choice it just goes to another level of fun.


UTZ chips

UTZ is a food company that started a hundred years ago. The inventors were Bill and Salie who felt that snacks needed to be healthy and had to come up with brand new ingredients with a small amount of preparation that would preserve the natural taste of the ingredients.

That is why they started UTZ in 1921 to be a product of healthy and delicious food for consumers. They work for ******* company and have an initial investment of $ 300. The machine was hand-operated and while Sally was cooking chips it was a bill that took them to farmers’ markets and retailers.

The hand-crafted method produces 50 pounds of chips every hour. They maintained their quality and the company became famous. Currently, it is a privately owned independent snack product in the US. That’s a statement about their product.

The company is based in Pennsylvania and some of their most popular products include potato chips and pretzels. Chips are usually perfect when you open a sack that is not one of many other products. They have good taste and flavor for them. The most popular flavor is the original All-Natural flavor with a good balance of ingredients.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod chips
The Cape Cod Chips company was founded by my brothers Steve and Jude Bernard who wanted to make quality potato chips instead of the unhealthy ones that people bought. Steve’s wife actually owned a grocery store and Steve had always heard that snacks were unhealthy and decided to add potato chips.

The inspiration came after he ate a natural potato chip in Hawaii and just knew he would have to make his own. He sold his car parts business and decided to start a potato business. Potato chips sold by Cape Cod are boiled in a kettle and thicker than chips in many other products because the chips are cooked in batches in a kettle rather than continue to cut and discard potatoes in oil.

This was the same approach Steve used again. The company carefully selects high quality potatoes, salt and oil to make a delicious and healthy meal for customers. Many chip reviews have found that they tend to remain perfect for the worst of the crashes that occur frequently with many other products. Smart batch cooking makes a huge difference as these chips are very woody. The taste balance is also decent.

Wise Food

Chips Wise Foods
The next product we will be looking at is Wise Foods Potato Chips. Wise Foods Inc. is a food, especially snacks, a manufacturing company based in Berwick, Pennsylvania. It has stores selling in 15 eastern maritime regions and also sells in a few others such as Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia etc.

The company was originally called the Wise Potato Chip Company and was founded by Earl Wise in 1927. Earl owned a company called Wise Delicatessen and needed to find the use of more potatoes. So, she started selling potato chips under the name of the Wise Potato Chip Company and initially cooked chips in her mother’s kitchen and later sold them to customers in a brown paper bag.

His chips were delicious and dense and quickly attracted a lot of customers. His popularity grew and the Wise Potato Chip Company became a regional center. Currently, the Mexican company owns the Wise Foods brand. They have a variety of flavors and these chips are very tasty. The first rivals of the old salty salts of Lay’s. The amount of fat can make some people lose weight but it is still a delicious food that can make that sense of snack go unhealthy.

OkaMiss Vickie’s

Miss Vickie’s chips
Mia Vickie’s potato chips were introduced in 1987 in the Canadian city of Quebec. The recipe for this delicious meal was made by Vickie Kerr and her husband Bill. They owned a potato farm and tried different recipes to create delicious potato chips.

His kids loved the chips he made and it became very popular at festivals so he started selling chips with great enthusiasm. Currently, the product is owned by food company Frito-Lay who bought the company in 1993. The recipe and the traditional flavor are still preserved.

Miss Vickie believed in using good, healthy and easy ingredients to make delicious chips. One of its best flavors is Jalapeno potato chips. They are delicious with the right amount of spiciness. Another delicious taste of sea salt and a cooked kettle of fragrant chips and the taste of creative potato chips.


Zapp chips
The next delicious drink on the list is Zapp potato chips. This product is made in the US. The company was founded in 1985 by Ron Zappe and has since produced delicious chips. Ron had a degree in industrial engineering and distributed oil field equipment.

But soon his companies collapsed because of an oil spill that made him think of other business strategies. He settled on potato chips and started a business. Chips are boiled in peanut butter, unlike many other companies that use vegetable oil to cook chips.

Zapp potato chips are cooked and packaged in Louisiana. Most people do not know about this company. But the product really tastes good. You should try their product ‘Voodoo’ which is one of their best. It has a unique blend of BBQ flavors with jalapeno and other spices.

Another delicious flavor they sell is Spicy Cajun Crawtator. It has a delicious crawfish flavor mixed with sweetness and saltiness. If you have never tried Zapp before it is probably time to support the Zapp potato package.


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