Battle at Big Rock Short Film- Daily Research Plot

Battle at Big Rock Short Film- Daily Research Plot

Jurassic World 3 Updates: Jurassic World fans received an amazing surprise from director Colin Trevorrow this weekend as they are eagerly waiting for the third movie to arrive in 2021. The director explained the details on how the Battle at Big Rock short film includes into the Jurassic world 3 movies with a new direction on the followed events.

Colin Trevorrow, the director of the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion and a short film named Battle at Big Rock, recently updated about how the scenes from the short film will be featured in the upcoming Jurassic world franchise from a unique perspective.

Battle of Big Rock has aired in 2019 after the film Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom, where it presented the free dinosaurs in North America. Battle at Big Rock was first released on FX in September 2019 before streaming on YouTube, where it scored 8.7 million views.

This short film centers on a family enjoying a camping trip at Big Rock National Park until the dinosaurs decide to visit and crash the party. It shows the fight between two species of dinosaurs, where one species (Nasutoceratops) tries to protect the family and the other species (Allosaurus) attacks the family.

This short film also points out how the world has changed with further human and dinosaur interactions and Battle of Big rock hints at this being “New Normal”.

Jurassic World 3 Big Rock Short Film Event

Jurassic World 3

The ending of Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom delivered a potentially game-changing moment and Battle of Big Rock confirms that there is a magical button to change the Jurassic World 3.

Humans and dinosaurs have largely been keeping to themselves since the Fallen Kingdom, but the short film assures that Jurassic world: Dominion will take place in a world unlike any we’ve seen to date in the Jurassic World series.

This new short film launches a new kind of world where humans are trying to co-exist with the dinosaurs alike humans do with other wildlife.

It’s a great initiative to try something extraordinary from the predecessor. Trevorrow did take care of the old Jurassic World too by connecting the earlier material in the upcoming installment.

In an exclusive interview, the director Mr. Trevorrow revealed that the Netflix animated series Jurassic world: Camp Cretaceous will be a part of this new franchise. As Jurassic World: Dominion is coming not before 10th June 2022, we can hope that a lot of new characters and stories will be revealed gradually.


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