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How exactly does work? The same Arc app script should be used from all websites that they choose to monetize, and Arc’s Service Worker should be installed at the base of both the domain name and sub-domains. When a web page is loaded using the Arc widget, Arc can use every available system bandwidth to connect with a global, browser-based CDN. Arc is separate from cryptocurrency miners in that it has no links to either coins or blockchain. Arc ensures that users’ surfing experiences remain unaffected since it just consumes a minimal amount of data, has an unnoticeable CPU, and a 300 MB window cache; however, it never consumes broadband bandwidth and just runs on Wi-Fi connected devices.



Webpages can purchase a low-cost, fast P2P CDN from Arc and earn money by adding bandwidth to the P2P CDN; Arc increases website capacity and reduces content delievery costs costs by up to 90%.

Is Secure, Safe and Trustworthy for Website Owners? Is legit or scam? Arc does not instal any applications or anything else on the web browser device; however, the website owner must instal the widget when they wish to use Arc. Both data that is cached on computers, as well as data that travels to, from, and through Arc’s network, is secured. Arc’s technology is run on Google’s protected Cloud (GCP), which maintains the security measures.


Requirements for Arc’s widget must be available and inaccessible in the website’s lower left corner. Adult content is not permitted on any forum or advertisement on the website. Users have permission to use Arc with ads and other CDNs. Website visitor has permission to “opt out” from services.’



Earning money with Amount: Arc is free up to 100 GB/month; for more, website owners must move to paying plans such as Pro, Business, or Enterprise. The Professional plan offers 1 TB per month, the Business plan offers 10 TB per month, and the Enterprise plan offers more than 10 TB per month. Quality: – Mutual quality shared by your audience when on your site; this is measured by viewing users’ gadget types and connection; for example, Router connected PCs share further bandwidth and Wi-Fi dependent mobile devices share less; better connectivity would gain more. Area: – The closer a user’s position is to the Arc’s network, the more revenue is produced. Number: – The more activity there is, the more money it can make. Time: The longer a user spends on an Arc-connected platform, the more bandwidth is exchanged and revenue is produced.



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