Annie Murphy’s Kevin Can Screw Himself

Annie Murphy’s Kevin Can Screw Himself

AMC has set a summer release schedule for Annie Murphy’s Kevin Can Screw Himself.

It won’t be too long before Annie Murphy returns to our screens. The Schitt’s Creek breakthrough actor stars in the upcoming AMC dark drama Kevin Can Screw Himself, which has the latest promo and a June 13 launch party date.

Allison eventually cracks and agrees to make a big change in her life, beginning with Kevin. So our heroine joins forces with her friend (played by Mary Hollis Inboden) to devise a plan for her freedom, and it doesn’t appear that Kevin would have a happy ending. Divorce is out of the question; Allison wants him gone for good.

Annie Murphy’s Kevin Can Screw Himself

Annie Murphy's Kevin Can Screw Himself

Murphy portrays Allison McRoberts in the eight-episode cycle, the sitcom spouse prototype who is gorgeous but frequently the butt of most comments.

Kevin McRoberts, the man-child who clearly takes his spouse for consideration, is her husband. The episode explores what occurs when Allison discovers her identity and freedom.

Valerie Armstrong’s Kevin Can Screw Himself is partially centred on the actual event of Kevin James’ Kevin Can Hold and the dismissal of Erinn Hayes from the Comedy series. It will blend multi-comedy drama with single-camera reality to ask the question, “Who and what have we been howling with laughter at all these decades?”

“In the comedy universe, much more patriarchy, racism, misogyny, prejudices, and discrimination is masked by this humour track,” Murphy told Vanity Fair. Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, by Le Train Train, official produce the programme, and Craig DiGregorio are the writer and director.

Along with Murphy, Raymond Lee, Alex Bonifer, the crew also includes Eric Peterson, Mary Hollis Inboden, and Brian Howe. Murphy is most known for her six seasons as Alexis Rose on the Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, which won a slew of Emmys the year before, which included a Best Supporting Actress award for her.

She’ll also appear in the sequel of the Netflix sitcom Russian Doll, which stars Natasha Lyonne.

Kevin Can Screw Himself will debut on AMC+ on Weekend, June 13 with two chapters followed by a back-to-back airing on AMC on Weekend, June 20 at 9 p.m. ET. The existing chapters will stream on AMC+ one week before their television broadcasts on AMC.

As messily amusing as the teaser is, the series’ point is very severe, aiming to dissect the prevalent culture of sexism in entertainment.

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