Alternatives To Flippa To Sell And Purchase Websites 2021

Website Broker

Founded in 1997 by two California attorneys, Website Broker assists in buying and selling already existing websites. As one of the oldest and most established players in this field, you need not suspect its reliability.

If you want to sell your site, offering a standard and premium listing, the platform provides more exposure to potential buyers depending on how you choose the plan. If you wish to sell a site of your own, simply login to the website and fill the form with basic information of your property. The information you provide will be automatically added to the growing listing of sites available for sale.


Money Nomad

Money Nomad Marketplace shows you listings with their category and sale price as the title, and the date they listed the business for sale. The detailed listing page includes an overview screenshot of the site’s analytics and a breakdown of the price, profit per month, and pageviews.


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