Aftermath Will Release Later this Year- Daily Research Plot

Aftermath Will Release Later this Year- Daily Research Plot

World War Z: Aftermath Updates: World War Z is getting an overhaul on expansion, which will include the original game, news story content, characters, location along with the first-person gaming experience.

The recently revealed World War Z: Aftermath is a brand new game with new content and will cater to the needs of both sets of fans be it the current gamers and the new ones.

In a reveal at the IGN Expo, World War Z was revealed with looks of the brand new title with all-new first-person mode for the game, with does make it stand at par on comparisons with Left 4 Dead.

World War Z was a massive hit and though there are multiple titles and games with similar Zombie themes and genres, World War Z has stuck out well and has been one of the best zombie titles so far.

The game is based on the book of the same names and takes place in the same universe of the Brad Pitt film. The game has helped the IP on its way to becoming a multi-media giant, and it’s likely a video game sequel will ensure that this trend continues in the future.

World War Z: Aftermath Upgrades

World War Z: Aftermath

As revealed by IGN, World War Z: Aftermath includes everything from the Game of the Year edition, along with new characters, locations, enemies, first-person mode, and a new melee system. The game also features enhancements for the Xbox series X/S and PS5, with 4K resolution and 60fps gameplay.

As far as the price is concerned the World war Z: Aftermath will release at $39.99 for new buyers and $19.99 for those who currently own the game. According to the developer Saber Interactive, a proper current-gen version will also be released in 2022.

The new game sure will add the boost with new content giving chance for new users to get a hook of the game while the old heads will be looking for fresh changes along with upgrades for the current theme, this way the developer may strike the right note to gain more numbers.

It’s a great alternative to support the game without launching a full-fledged sequel. The game being a cross-play is an added bonus. The game-like Back 4 Blood who had a good grip over the market in this segment will now face a competition which will be very interesting.

Back 4 Blood is a spiritual successor for Left 4 Dead, whether or not Saber will plan a sequel remains to be seen, but the original game is here to stay with an evolved fashion.

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